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"The shower room which you have just finished building for us was very well done. It is not at all like something which has been merely tacked onto the house, but rather like a room that has always been there."

               -Ruth & Ted H., Rochester, NY


"The quality, cost and service provision of the work you performed was superb."

                   -Daniel Dey, Rochester, NY

" managed to resolve and professionally tackle each and every challenge. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality of work that was done on this most appreciated."

            -Susan & Allen P., Rochester, NY

"I wanted to send you a letter concerning the ever growing popularity of Frank Lloyd Wright's Rollin Furbeck House of 1897... We receive an endless number of compliments on the work you performed in restoring the house..." 

               -William F. Ryan, Oak Park, IL

"I was very pleased with the projects you have recently completed for me. Your concern for quality workmanship was most impressive."

                            -Vic C., Pittsford, NY

"...they are very professional and very punctual in their work... I have no hesistation recommending Andrew Fedick Contractors to anyone who has any type of carpentry work to be done."

      - Dr. & Mrs. David C., Rochester, NY

Andrew Fedick Contractors, Inc
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